Leontine Synor
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Sometimes it’s hard to forgive others, but what can be harder yet is forgiving yourself! How do you let go of the past and release your mistakes to God? God places our sins in the ‘sea of forgetfulness’ so why is it that we feel the need to go fishing and drudge up those things that God remembers no more? We must forgive ourselves and start living a life that God has purposed for us. In this life we will continue to sin. We will make mistakes towards others and even ourselves but for us to think that we will live an error-free life is a symptom of pride. Accept the fact that we all sin daily, lean how to forgive ourselves and others, and stop drudging up the past and remember why Christ died for us! In Him we have redemption, and we are redeemed through His blood. Leontine will share how the power of redemption (and being redeemed) saved her life, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Leontine Synor's Biography

Sis. Leontine Synor was born and raised in Cleveland, OH, the oldest of nine siblings. She is the proud mother of Idris-Farid and Naadia-Dayana. She is also a proud GiGi. Leontine was baptized into Christ in August of 1994 and is currently a member of the Westside Church of Christ. Sis. Leontine has over 10 years of experience serving as a speaker and facilitator. She has created and facilitated workshops for women for the purpose of shoring up their self-esteem and promoting scriptural financial stewardship. In her professional life she is a Change Management Practitioner. Leontine is passionate about the mental, emotional, and financial health of women.


Her favorite scriptures are Matt 6:33, Ps 119:105 and Prov 3:5-6 and her song of reflection is Walking Alone at Eve.