Tonya Pointer
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Featured Speaker

Tonya A. Pointer is married to Jeffrey Pointer, Minister of the Southern Hills Church of Christ in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have two sons, Terrence and Derek, and one daughter, Morgan. Added to their family is her daughter-in-law, Chandy and her grandchild, Terrence Pointer II. 

Tonya Pointer received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Oklahoma Christian University and attended the University of North Carolina in Charlotte to obtain her North Carolina teaching licensure. She earned her Master’s degree in Elementary Education and is recognized as a National Board Certified Teacher. She’s employed with the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. 

Tonya’s spare time is filled with various passions. She has toured and performed Bible-based theatrical productions with Principal Performance. She has co-directed the North Carolina Mass Chorus and the Charlotte Mass Chorus. She has presented at various ladies’ programs and lectureships that promote spiritual growth and emotional empowerment. She coordinates the Southern Hills’ annual Sisters Social that encourages fellowship and unity among the ladies in the Southeast region. Tonya teaches the Ladies’ class and leads the ladies’ ministry at her home congregation. She is an avid reader and truly enjoys the company of her fellow women on a mission. 

In her daily devotion, she thanks God continually for giving her a man of God who genuinely loves the Lord and values her companionship as they together spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.