Youth Scholarships


The purpose of this Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to young ladies (ages 12-18) who are in need of such assistance to enable them to attend the MWCCC which is held each year in September. This Young Ladies Scholarship Fund will be an ongoing Program of MWCCC.

The Program will be funded by donations from private individuals and/or groups who will be known as sponsors. All sponsors will be asked to complete the Scholarship Fund Donation Form, which will be available on our website. Since MWCCC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Each requester will be required to complete the Scholarship Application as well as write an essay of at least 250 words detailing why she would like to attend the Conference. The essay can be submitted on line at along with the Scholarship application. If desired, the application can be printed and mailed, along with the essay, to the MWCCC address listed below. All information must be received prior to or postmarked by July 31 of the current year.

A 3-person panel will review all applications and make the final selection. The panel will consist of Winda Birt and Octavia Wright, the program coordinators of the MWCCC Young Ladies Sessions, and one other participant who is not directly involved with this program but is an active participant of the MWCCC. The panel will make the final decision and will notify awardees. At the time of notification, the awardees will be given instructions as to the registration process for the scholarship recipient.

Donations and Sponsor’s form can be mailed to:  
    Midwest Women's Conference of the churches of Christ (MWCCC)
    P.O. Box 352245
    Toledo, OH  43635-2245
    ATTN:  Terrie Miller

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call:
    Dr. Robert G. Birt, Jr.
    President - Board of Directors - MWCCC
    Phone #:  419-902-6134

    Mrs. Terrie Miller
    Coordinator - MWCCC
    Phone #:  419-367-4611

The Scholarship amount awarded will be solely at the discretion of the panel. Considerations will include (but not limited to) registration for the recipient, which is $145.00 for ages 12-18, and/or other items deemed necessary by individual needs. All financial areas will be considered and a determination made by the panel.

The Scholarship will be funded by donations from private individuals and/or groups, who will be referred to as "Sponsors."  Sponsors will have the opportunity to donate in their own name, a family member, a friend, a memorial donation, etc., or may choose to donate anonymously. Group or corporate donations will have the same opportunity.  The information will be on the Donation Form, and should be filled out as required. Donations can be in any amount, and can be paid through Paypal online at or can be mailed to the address listed below. Please be aware that donations can be made at any time and the number of scholarships and the amounts awarded will be determined by the funding received.  All funds not used in the current year will be rolled over to the ensuing year.

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