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In Such A Time As This! 

1 Peter 1:6

We Invite You To Join Us For The 2020 Virtual 

Midwest Women's Conference of the Churches of Christ

As a country, community, church or woman we are currently faced with many challenges. The MWCCC 2020 Virtual Spiritual Empowerment Experience is designed to help each of us..."Rejoice In Such A Time As This!" 1 Peter 1:6. 


You Will Be Edified, Exhorted, Educated, Empowered, Encouraged By Our Featured Speakers: 

Dr. Dorothy Dye – I Can Rejoice Because I have Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

The Bible teaches that the world is fallen.  We’re being squeezed on every side from the pandemic, politically, police brutality and death of our loved ones and friends.  These challenges sometimes beg the question:  What do we do when things appear to be hopeless?  Hope is confident expectation.  Hosea is a great example of one who lived in what appeared to be a time of hopelessness.  He was a prophet called by God to marry a woman who was going to be unfaithful to this secret union.  To this union were born three children whose names represented his judgment of Israel.  However, God always extends hope.  He reconciled Judah and Israel and told Hosea to go get his wife.  If God reconciled this family and his nation, there’s hope for everyone who feels like we’re living in hopeless times.

Dr. Shana Lewis – I Can Rejoice Because I am Releasing the Curse of Suffering in Silence

Many women suffer in silence for a variety of reasons.  The culture of shame produced by sexual, physical, emotional and even spiritual abuse is often internalized.  This pain will sometimes demonstrate itself by being controlled by fear (lack of self-worth, blame, protecting abusers, substance abuse, isolation, etc.). The questions become:  How do you take ownership of your present circumstances?  Secondly, how do you address your present circumstances?  Finally, how do you leave those circumstances in the past?


The story of the woman with the issue of blood, as recounted in the gospels, deals with someone who has dealt with a physical issue for twelve years.  This struggle has not only affected her physically but emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  We know this because she violates all of the religious rules and regulations of that day.  The text lets us know that she found her voice by having the courage to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment.

Camille Wilson – I Can Rejoice Because I Know My Rock

The Hypostatic Union of Christ - this theology construct has to do with the relationship between Christ’s divinity and his humanity - Phil. 2:5-11.  In biblical circles, it’s called the Knosis (Ka-no-sis).  Paul develops the concept of Jesus giving up some of the priorities of His divinity and becoming human to the point of his sacrificial death.  He gives up His will to God’s will, and as a result He becomes our Rock!  The challenge is to empty ourselves (Knosis) and submit to God’s will resulting in Jesus becoming our Rock. 

Each speaker will conduct a break out session on their assigned topic.

Our Youth Break Out Sessions (Ages 12 - 18)

“I’M OK WITH ME!”  Led By : Winda Birt & Octavia Wright


They will have two 20-25 minute sessions rolling while the ladies are in their sessions. 


SESSION 1 – “BROWN EYES”. Self-care in teens, what does it mean?  Today’s focus tends to lean towards the effects of how this pandemic is affecting our adults without understanding that our teens/tweens are experiencing their own issues, isolation from friends, not being able to attend school, cyber bullying, etc.  This brief session will seek to address the needs of teens.



SESSION 2 – “ENOUGH!” – Have you ever felt no matter what you did, or how good you were, the ‘A’ wasn’t high enough, your hair wasn’t straight or curly enough, your car wasn’t good enough, or how about you’re just not pretty enough?  Regardless of what it is . . . it is never enough!  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are not alone.  We will explore the question, “WHAT?” as we examine 2 Corinthians 12:9.   What we learn might just surprise


Our Young Adult Women (19 - 35) after the break out sessions will participate in a...

"Girl Chat!" Led By Anika Echols

Our War Room And Powerful Praise & Worship Led By:

Michele Williamson and Terri Jackson Miller


Our Spiritual Empowerment Experience Will End With A Panel Discussion On Social Justice: 

Dr. Robert G. Birt, Jr., - Moderator 



Dr. Dorothy Dye 

Dr. Shana Lewis 

Attorney Katrina Brown

Winda Birt

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