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How do we dress at the conference?

  • Women dress casual and business casual....usually jeans, pants, jumpsuits


What are the colors for the conference?

  • The colors are royal blue or any shade of blue and gold or any shade of yellow

How many meals do you get with your registration?

  • If you are staying at the hotel, then you will get breakfast every morning. With your registration you receive dinner on Friday and Saturday night. You are on your own for lunch each day.

What do we wear to the banquet?

  • Women dress up in dresses, cocktail dresses, and formals.

Will we get free time in the afternoon and evenings to explore and rest?

  • Yes, there will be a break for lunch and a break in the afternoon before dinner and evening session.

Is there places to eat and shop within walking distance of the hotel?

  • Yes, there are plenty of eateries and shops within walking distance.

Is there transportation to the conference from the airport?

  • Yes, please send your flight and contact  information to Camille Wilson -

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