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Terrie Miller
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I started this prison ministry session as a result of my son receiving a 25-year prison sentence.   He would have served 15 years in January, 2024.  I realized (after sharing my story) that there were many others out there who needed to hear my story which in turn helped them to tell their story! 


Ladies, we are not alone!  We have each other to lean on when our loved ones are incarcerated!  We walk in power as God gives us the strength to support each other.  There is strength in numbers!  We are not alone!  This is God’s business! He’s got us all in His hands, and He has (and will continue) to touch each and every one of us!  So as God continually reaches out to touch us . . . let US reach out and touch somebody’s hand as we learn to lean on each other.

This workshop has been blessing the lives of women in the Midwest as they deal with loved ones who are incarcerated.


This prolific pioneer of ministry has been making a powerful impact on the lives of women across the country for many years. Her work in leading spiritual empowerment experiences edifies, equips and encourages women to live better lives in Him. 

Terrie Miller's Biography

Terrie is now widowed, but was married to Ted for 52-1/2 years, and they have two children, Damon and Devanee, and six of the most beautiful grandchildren in the universe:  4 girls and 2 boys, ages 18 to 10.  Terrie retired from Chrysler (Jeep) Corporation in 2001 and now wonders how she ever had time to work.  She loves the Lord, she loves to worship, and she loves to serve in any capacity possible when it comes to the Lord’s work.  She was the coordinator of the Ohio State Ladies’ Retreat throughout its existence of 14 years (hosted every other year) and then became the Chairperson of the annual Midwest Women’s Conference of the churches of Christ (MWCCC) now in its 13th year.


 She is a Sunday school teacher of middle school aged children, a choral directress of the United Acappella Chorus, and has spoken and led songs at various ladies’ inspiration days and retreats.  Prior to the Pandemic, she volunteered in the public school system for their guided reading program for 5th graders and also worked at the voting polls during elections.  The Learning to Lean Prison Ministry Support Group is personal to her because their son is currently serving a 25-year sentence.    


 This is one of the many Scriptures that carries Terrie, 2 Thess. 3:16: “Now may the Lord of peace Himself, give you peace at all times in all ways.”  May the Lord be with us all.

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